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 $.50 Coffee.
We Have WI-FI
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New Pics July 09

Dear Flo's Cafe Management,
I have a HUGE favor to ask you.
Let me explain:About five years ago a friend and I took our kayaks to Banks Lake.In the mornings we'd paddle,and in the afternoon your cafe management was gracious enough to let us occupy a booth for hours on end.We'd drink coffee and type away at our laptops (you even provided the power!),working on our masters theses.I left those days with a reminder of your cafe's generosity:A great Flo's Cafe mug.
After all Flo's Cafe has done for me,I can't believe I'm asking for more.Here goes:
My husband and I reside in Singapore where we have a wonderful friend with a fabulous tattoo that simply says,"Flo." His wife has tried to steal my Flo's Cafe mug for a long time now to give her tattooed husband. I'm tired of worrying that she'll succeed in her thievery, and as a gesture of goodwill,I'd like to purchase a duplicate for them.
Enclosed is a check for $40. If you have time and inclination,can you please mail a mug to my mother-in-law in Cashmere,Washington? She'll make sure I get the mug on my next visit home:

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from the Hucklebery Press
April 2006
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Huckleberry Press Story

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Of Emily's 50th Birthday Party!!
Oct. 14 2006
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from the party.
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Emily's 50th A

Emily's 50th B


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Flo's Cafe Photo Gallery 2

Flo's Cafe Photo Gallery 3

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We'll use this site to introduce our business and explain the goods and services we have to offer. In this area, we might also include our company history, our business philosophy, or a section with customer accolades.


Here's a pic of Flo's Cafe before it was a cafe.
Back then it was a gas station.


Flo's Cafe
The Crazy Cafe
Where Friends Meet
Phone: 509-633-3216

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Flo's Cafe
316 Spokane Way
Grand Coulee WA.
Hours: 5:30 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.
7 Days a week.

Breakfast And Lunch.
Daily Specials.

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Orders To Go.


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