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Just sit down and act like you own the place at Flo's Cafe.

By Victoria Caudle
Managing Editor
Huckleberry Press.
    "Coffee's on the left,and you get yelled at for free,"I chuckled to myself.
Losing track somewhere around eighty-some or ninety when counting up the
number of coffee mugs that hang on the walls of Flo's Cafe,I found myself
comfortably engaging in someone else's conversation from another table.
The mugs are affectionate reminders from "regulars ' who have traveled and
collected the gifts for owner Emily Robinson. I lost count in the distraction of
observing the family style interaction between Robinson, who doesn't put on
airs for anyone,and the customers at Flo's Cafe.
But even if one gets in trouble at Flo's Cafe, as one might at their own home
 and with their own family, Robinson doesn't compromise the great homestyle
cooking and generous portions. Just try the bisquits and gravy once you will understand .
Observe Robinson in the comfort of her little restaurant long enough, and you'll
see she not only loves what she does, but she has a healthy and homey love
for her costomers.
It didn't take long the first time I ate at Flo's Cafe to graduate from stranger to comfortable. Eating at Flo's is like eating at home,except everyone is at different
tables. The familiarity and coziness is there.
Robinson would never stand a chance of getting out of the business--her customers just wouldn't go for it. Flo's is a habit for many locals who know they
can pay a fair price for a great meal and meet with good friends.
Robinson just celebrated 16 years at Flo's Cafe on April 1st with a recent remodeling of the cafe interior. If your party seeks quiet and privacy,check out the newly upholstered booths in the second dinning room.
There's really no promise Robinson will leave you alone in there,but you'll be comfortable at any rate.If you prefer to be in the big middle of it all,there's an old fashioned counter with padded swivel stools to dispense your opinions from while you dine.
Flo's is open daily for breakfast and lunch with breakfast offered any time.
It's the home of fifty-cent coffee where complete breakfasts and lunches start
at $4.50. Buttermilk hotcakes,waffles,french toast,omelets,are on the menu as well as favorites like the "squealer," the "Vern," the "Norm,"and the "Mess."
The lunch menu is packed with hot and cold sandwiches, homemade soups,and plenty of salad choices.
The menu is quite complete ,but as Robinson says,"You can have it your way ,but it will cost you extra."
  Robinson's spunk,heart,and head came in full force recently when Robinson accepted a challenge to particpate in a Senior Meals Program fund raising.
If enough people donate to the program by the end of April,Robinson will have
her head shaved on May 13 at the Colorama Parade.
Program Director Jean Sanford says donations to the meal program will be
matched by the Feinstein Foundation of Cranston,Rhode Island.
The Foundation is planning to distribute more than $ 1 million in aide this year.
             If you'd like to donate,you can send your contribution to:
                         "Meals on Wheels"
                          c/o Jean Sanford
                          P.O. Box 636
                          Grand Coulee ,WA 99133.
You should give yourself and a friend the treat of becoming a part of Flo's.
If you don't know where it's located, don't worry.
There are signs around town to guide you there.
If you don't spot the signs,stop and ask anyone where Flo's is located.
Everyone knows.Be sure to tell Robinson"The Hound" sent you.



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